Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Weigh In #4

My husband has started something really brave, a public chronicle of his weight loss.  We're both really wanting to get into shape, and we're looking for other out there that are in the same situation.  If you're looking for some accountability and support, feel free to join his meme Monday Weigh In.

Weight loss for the weak!
Eek!  This is the really hard part.  You don't have to put your weight in if you're not comfortable with it, but I feel like I'd be cheating if I didn't.  So here it goes.  Current weight: 235.

Ahhhhhh!  I can't believe I just did that!

Struggles and victories of the weak!
Well, I'm not sure what to count this as, but my weight has been pretty steady for a while.  I guess it's a struggle because it hasn't gone down, but a victory because it hasn't gone up.

I'm trying to look at the number objectively and not as the end-all-be-all of this struggle.  I'm really starting to get turned on to the tenants of HAES movement (Healthy at every size), so I know that I need to look at my body as a whole to really gauge my health.

We did indulge in some fast food this week, which wasn't very good. I tried to listen to my bodies signals about fullness, and I did stop earlier on the pizza than I would have normally.  I felt pretty good about that.  Now I just need to focus on figuring out why I crave chocolate when I do, etc.  You know, get at the real reason why I'm eating.

I've completely fallen off the exercise wagon.  I was starting to do pretty well, but this week has been kinda ehh emotionally, so it's hard for me to get motivated to move at all, much less exercise.  We did go for a really long walk yesterday, and I didn't get tired at all.  I'm trying to count that as a victory and not let the nagging voice take it away from me.

How can I improve?
Exercise. Or at least get some kind of movement into my day.

I also need to start eating breakfast again.  I was doing really well with it, then we skipped the grocery shopping for a bit.  I can really tell a difference in my hunger levels and how I feel in general when I skip breakfast, and it's a bad habit I really need to break.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The hazards of having a dog and cream carpet

I love my dogs, I really do.  Look at how cute they are:
But when I find little "presents" that the little one leaves me, it makes it hard to acknowledge the cuteness.  So when you find an "accident" (aren't the euphemisms pet owner's use crazy?) and are out of whatever really expensive enzyme cleaner you usually use, try this inexpensive and very effective method.

Supplies needed:
  • Two spray bottles
  • One filled with water and about a tablespoon of dish soap
  • One filled with 1/2 and 1/2 white vinegar and water, with about two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Paper towels
Dab up any liquid you can (or pick up solids, whatever your mess is).  Spray generously with the vinegar mixture.  Rub in lightly then soak up with towels.  Then spray with soapy water, rub vigorously, then dab up.  Allow to dry.

We have cream carpet all through the house (I still don't understand why rentals do that), and before we started this method, we had a terrible time getting up any stains.  There are still some lingering randomly.  But since we started this method, you can't tell.  Works like a charm and is much cheaper than what you could buy at the store, and you also have less chemicals to worry about.